"Love At First Night" is a comedy based web series about 2 men finding love after a hook up. Although their connection is seamless, they can't escape the issues affecting their blossoming relationship. Spencer and Jayden walks us through the stages of their unconventional love story. PREMIERING spring 2016.


From the outside looking in, Spencer and Jayden appear to be the cliche. Two young black men hooking up after a house party. However, their story takes a unique twist once they realize their attraction for each other is more than a one night stand. One night turns into a weekend of pillow talk, fun, engagement and passion that sometimes takes months to create. Almost instantly they recognize that their connection shouldn't be ignored, but no good thing is met without resistance. 

While Love at First Night does not mirror the stages of my own relationship, it's extremely personal to me. This work is my response to the painful belief that black gay men are unable to find love and maintain it. Im fully aware that no relationship is perfect but I felt it was important display black gay love. I wanted to display the beauty of connection, the beauty of breaking down and building up, the beauty of staying committed when challenges arise. Love comes in all colors but I can't help but to feel mainstream media ignores black gay love. This webseries is a welcoming invitation to our allies, the LGBT community, to all humans to join us in refusing to perpetuate negative images of black gay men and to replace them with human portrayals of our strengths, our struggles and our beauty, through the lens of comedy of course. 


Writer | director | producer

Terry Torrington is a multi passionate artist from Brooklyn, NY. As a child he always found different ways to express himself whether it be drawing, writing, dancing or just being plain ol dramatic. Although people knew Terry for drawing and music he still ventured out into many other art forms ranging from photography to voice acting. In 2011 he teamed up with Blunted Muse Productions who produced videos skits such as Goons vs Gays 1-6 and Starkeisha ‘s Paternity test. He’s also worn the hat of director and co editor in a few projects as well as writing on the popular webseries "No Shade". Terry prides himself in being eccentric and is always ready for a creative challenge to come his way.





producer | Cinematographer

Sean Anthony Torrington is a Brooklyn born Cinematographer specializing in quality, precision and creativity. Sean studied film at Kingsborough College but gained most of his experience in the field. After working with Maurice Jamal on the "Glo TV" network Sean decided to create his own production company "BluntedMuse Productions". He's done music videos for Bryn't, Cakes Da Killa, Shorty Roc and more as well produced and filmed hits like "Goons Vs Gays" and "BGU (Black Gay University)". His biggest success to date is his hit web series "No Shade" which Sean wrote, directed, filmed and edited. "No Shade" went on to receive recognition from Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, Swerv Magazine, Muse Magazine as well as winning the "Hotter Than July" film festival award for best web series. Seans newest venture is to create a platform for writers, producers and actors to express their truth without the assurance of mainstream media. There's no slowing down as Sean is ready is to push more content out there to inspire and create change.